that I was Steve Carell. I was trying really hard to get with this girl, who was kinda hot, but had somewhat raccoon eyes going on. At one point we were both drinking a lot, I was drinking some really bright green drink. Then we were in an elevator trying to get to my room to hook up, btw, we were in a hotel, and i somehow lose track of the girl.

I turn around and she's making out with another girl in the elevator. I'm all daaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnn so I try to join in, at first they're reluctant, then we start 3-way making out. We suddenly appear in the other girl's room in the hotel, and hot damn, Steve Carell is going to be in a threesome. Then the other girl starts complaining that the girl I was originally trying to sleep with is only using her for something. And then the original girl falls of the bed and hits her head.

So then I'm like fuck, this isn't going to happen. I don't remember much after that. At one point I'm asked why I joined in the kiss on the elevator and my answer is something like, "it was just so hot. I couldn't help myself." I also made that face Carell makes where he opens his eyes and he's like "wow". I can't find a good picture of it, but he makes it a lot in 40-year-old-virgin.

And yeah. Possibly the scariest night of my life.